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Why sharing is magical

Sharing ideas, thoughts, information and knowledge is truly powerful. Here's a simple example to show what I mean by "Sharing is magical".

Simple tweet

It started with Sacha Greif tweeting an article about Cross-cultural design written by Senengo Akpem.


The article is very interesting for designers and anyone curious how culture can affect our perception of things, even typography. Senengo mentions the typeface Neuland which is stereotyped to the African visualization, and deeply discusses the subject into details.

Later on, he also mentions Web Fonts. I just used it multiple times but never understood what it actually is. So I headed to MDN and read about Web Fonts.


As you know, fonts are mostly for sale and not easily distributed for free. Even MDN reminds us of this.

Alt Text

Whilst reading through MDN's page of Web Fonts, they mentioned 3 different sources to get free fonts; dafont, Font Squirrel, and Everything Fonts. I thought it is a great resource to add to the list of free-for-dev so hopefully more people can these resources.


I never expected today would end up with reading about Web Fonts, learning about Cross-cultural design or even contributing to open source (just a few links though). Wonderful, isn't it!

Keep learning, keep sharing.

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