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Connect to ScaleChamp Managed PostgreSQL with SQLAlchemy

Create database instance in Control Panel:

  1. Select service, cloud, region:
    Alt Text

  2. Select plan:
    Alt Text

  3. Wait until instance will be in RUNNING state:
    Alt Text

  4. Then connect to it from your python application:

from sqlalchemy import create_engine

conn_args = {
    "sslmode": "verify-full",
    "sslrootcert": "<path to your ca.pem downloaded from UI>",

engine = create_engine("postgresql://<user>:<password>@<hostname>:5432/ssndb", connect_args=conn_args)

conn = engine.connect()
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To make sure no one can gain access to your database accept allowlisted IPs checkout firewalls section.
Voa'la. See you at ScaleChamp

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