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Without money involved. Would you code? What would you like to code?

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The purpose of my question is that I would like to know the uses that people would do to their programming skills beside working for getting money. And yes, answering I would not code is a valid answer.

-Maybe you always wanted to create a side project.
-Maybe you wanted to create a video game or something.

In my case, I would like to code video games and animations using 3D webgl shaders.


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Yes definitely.

I started coding because it was part of a request from my manager. I got board and discouraged because I couldn't do anything with it, I had no one to code side by side with and I was not practicing what I learnt on code academy so I forgot it.

But then I started to find reasons to automate parts of my job and that was fun. Working with real world data like Twitter and Instagram API is fun and you can scale it to run for 100 handles nightly and email you if anything weird happens. Or put it on a dashboard.

Programming to solve problems is stimulating but building something is real fun part. Now I have a few years experience it is a lot easier to think hmm I want to build a website or a game or quirky tool or an automation tool or an API or a graph. And share it with strangers and friends online. And say look I made this, can you use it, how can I make it better?

I am not an expert at all the topics but I can figure out a new library or tool quick enough to do so something useful with it . And i make websites all the time so it is fun to use imagination to make what is in my mind or when someone says hey can you make a website where you mix frits together and see the colors mixed? And I did it just because I can


Coding is a lot of fun. So, my answer is yes. I've heard that some companies give their employees about 15-20% of the work time to do their personal side projects. And it's becoming a more popular thing to do, because many great apps were first developed as side projects (like Gmail, if I'm not mistaken). Currently, I'm interested in graphics processing. Something like computer vision and machine learning. :)

I've also made a game prototype (nrfaikar.itch.io/electroidesia, github.com/nrfaikar/electroidesia) using Godot Engine, but unfortunately I don't think that's my passion. :(


It looks great I would like to do something as good as that electroidesia :c


Making video games is a long-time dream. If I could be on a team that figures out 3-d landscaping effects on a first-person RPG like the Witcher, that'd be amazing.