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Discussion on: DEV is monetized

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Sebastien Barre

What % is going to now, and in the possible future?

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Ben Halpern

100% goes to the author on their posts, collects on common areas like the home page and posts where the author hasn’t set up their payment pointer.

Right now it’s just site-wide which isn’t even that much money right now with such a low percentage of monetizers. We will be seeking to boost the ecosystem, of course.

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When will it be possible to set up the payment pointers?

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Sebastien Barre • Edited

posts where the author hasn’t set up their payment pointer.

😳 And this isn't opt-in? The default will be that for people who are not aware of this, are not interested in it, or possibly don't have the means to set it up in their country, DEV.TO will be making money from their content automatically? The vast majority of all money would go to DEV.TO in this no-opt-in scenario, wouldn't it?

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Dave Foderick Author

I agree. Those that neglect to set up a payment pointer are losing out on an opportunity. A more fair implementation would be for the platform to accrue the funds into an account that the author could claim once they set up their payment pointer.
There could be some type of notification when users log in to say "Hey, if you set up a payment pointer you will get $X dollars". It would be a great marketing/promo opportunity for monetization providers (i.e. coil).
It is a lot more involved than the simple method of defaulting to the platform so I can understand why DEV has not done it. The amounts are too small at this point to worry about it.

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Downside of that is, that if the author left the platform forever, the money I've donated is wasted/frozen forever. If there is a notification informing me, that a donation towards this article goes to because to author did not set up funding, it is fine for me. This website also has costs incurring simply by hosting.