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Amazing app for music listeners


Hello! Today I’m going to tell you about an amazing app that I found out recently and is extremely useful for Spotify or other music streaming apps users.

Let’s get started

So first things first, the name of the app is SpotiFlyer this app was build by Shabinder on GitHub. For those who listen to music and don’t want annoying ads in-between this app will please them a lot!

Step 1.

To download this app you need to go to this link:-

Step 2.

Then you need to scroll down until you see this section:-

Step 3.

Now click on any link according to your need, for instance, I will be downloading this for my mobile, so I will click on the Android (Jetpack Compose) link. You may also download it for your desktop.

Step 4.

After this you will be redirected to this table:

Again click on the desired platform. I’m using mobile so I will click on Android-APK V3.6.1

Step 5.

After you clicked on the desired link the file will start downloading. In my case I have downloaded the APK file for my phone. So after it gets downloaded I just need to open that file and click on Install > Done and now the app is installed I just need to open it. For desktop users, you just need to download the.msi file and run it and install it.

Step 6.

After the app is installed open it up and then at the top you can find a search bar, just enter the song/playlist link and then you can download it.

Thanks for reading.

Feel free to make suggestions or ask questions.

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