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My Second Experience In Being Sheriff

For those who forgot, I'm a kind of maintainer in Telescope.

This week I had my second experience being a sheriff. (Sheriffs help steward and manage the project's infrastructure and make sure that the team can function optimally at all times.

In our responsibilities as always was included to :

Monitoring all of our systems for possible issues or failure
Keeping PRs moving through review.
General issue maintenance.
Helping with git issues
Communicating with the team on Slack and GitHub
Being available and visible on Slack.
Backing-out changes that can't be fixed.
Running meetings, including weekly triage.

We had two meetings, progress and triage.

The first meeting we had on Tuesday, led by Alex, was about Telescope progress. The topic was about multiple things related to new enhancements, bugs, and cloud migration.
Overall, the meeting was exciting and productive. We spoke to many people, discussed their progress and found out the interests of each member of the group.

In the second meeting, I led the triage one with my partner, @AlexRomanova.

We currently have sixty open issues, and Alex had a great idea of getting rid of them by assigning or closing.

We created a GitHub Planning page and divided the issues into different categories.
Image description

We worked through each issue and analyzed it. Sometimes, mentioned people in issues help us understand things more profoundly if we have trouble understanding.

The management of repo and help to team members on Slack was generally acceptable but maybe a bit stressful.

Luckily, nothing happened to the system during our maintenance.


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p.s This post was made for Telescope

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