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Sewvandi Promodya Wickramasinghe
Sewvandi Promodya Wickramasinghe

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My Personal Portfolio at DigitalOcean App Platform

What am I building

I was thinking about creating a portfolio because it's a perfect way to show the qualities I would mention in a resume or talk about in an interview. Which provides proof of my applicable expertise and abilities.

Category Submission

Personal Site/Portfolio

App Links

You can view my portfolio here πŸš€:


About me

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My Projects

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My Blog

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My Gallery

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Contact Me

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Demo video πŸ€“

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My personal portfolio shows some of my education history, achievements, volunteering experiences, tools expertness, dev articles and the projects that I've done. I developed this website using JavaScript, Html, and CSS. I used DigitalOcean App Platform to host my portfolio. It is amazing and convenient to build.

Link to Source Code

You can find the source code here πŸš€:

Permissive License

The project is covered under MIT Licence


(What made you decide to build this particular app? What inspired you?)

Starting with the software engineering industry, I felt the need to be able to bring more expertise out there and still practice what I've learned.

How I built it

(How did you utilize DigitalOcean’s App Platform? Did you learn something new along the way? Pick up a new skill?)

I used CSS, JavaScript, SCSS (Sassy CSS😌) and HTML basically. I have worked with JavaScript to dynamically modify the website theme. I learned about deployment by reading How to deploy an app guide. I deployed my very first static app, select GitHub repo and boomπŸ’₯. I am really glad that DigitalOcean App Platform support it! It was so easy to setup when I choose to start from App Platform portal. They guide me to setup my application and recommend a number of options that would be helpful.

Additional Resources/Info

Deployment on the Digital Ocean platform is very simple and effective. I genuinely liked and enjoyed my journey while I set up my App on DigitalOcean. Kudos to the team! πŸ₯³

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charly2009 profile image

good job

sewvandiii profile image
Sewvandi Promodya Wickramasinghe

Thank you!

hentaichan profile image

Looking good! Just one suggestion: in your gallery section, when a user clicks on an image make it so that it gets enlarged :)

sewvandiii profile image
Sewvandi Promodya Wickramasinghe

Thanks for the suggestion ^_^