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How to access local webserver, raspberry pi and gameserver from the Internet

Suppose you are working on a hobby project or building projects on the spot to learn some concepts. Once you have completed the project and it is working as expected, you can share it with your friends and colleagues.

However, you don't want to worry about hosting it on a web server as it involves purchasing a domain name, hosting space, and various other setups.

Now some of you might suggest using the port forwarding option. For those unfamiliar with port forwarding, it is a process of intercepting traffic destined for a computer's IP / port combination and redirecting it to another IP and / or port.

LocaltoNet is a reverse proxy that enables you to expose your localhost services to the internet.
You can share your local web server, connect your raspberry pi on ssh or its supports local game server like counter strike, minecraft etc.
Its support HTTP/s, TCP and UDP protocols.

Visit the official docs for more information.
Steps to download & use:
> Visit
> Download and unzip file. Start localtonet. Copy Auth Token on your dashboard and paste on command line.

ngrok gives you a public URL for the web app running on localhost.

It is a reverse proxy software that establishes secure connections from a public endpoint to a locally running service.

There are two ways to use ngrok:

Download the software from the official website
Use npm to install
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Visit the official docs for more information.

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