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Today I Learned: About Docker Volume

Docker Volume

In my experiements on running Jenkins on Docker, I wondered how the volumne worked when I provided -v to the run command.

I found a great article which succintly explains a lot about the Docker Volume - which will be handy for any docker beginer.

Original article is here

My summary goes below:

  • Docker Volume is the way to persist data between container restarts and share it between containers.
  • A volume is stored on the host file system. Usually within obscure directories inside /var/lib/docker. However, a specific directory on host system can also be mounted as volume in a container.
  • Volumes can be managed using docker volume and its sub commands.
  • Docker won't delete volume unless specifically instructed to do so. This can result in stale data on the host system. So tidying up once in a while might come handy.
  • Important Caveat - Don't try to modify the content of the volume in the Dockerfile (via RUN) as each build step creates a new volume and your changes will be discarded. If you want to change the volume content, do so using the ENTRYPOINT command in the Dockerfile. Have a look at this link.
  • If you are looking for a thorough overview of different approaches to manage application data, including the use of Volume, Bind mounts, tmpfs mounts, read this longer article

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