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Some Content Management Systems in the Django ecosystem.

In the web development world we have a lot of things that we need to use to build websites (django, symfony, etc.) but sometime because of lack of knowledge some django developer prefer to use a Wordpress or Drupal to build website. But there is a lot of good content management system in the Django world, here is one of the most visible, i have used some of them.

Each of them provide really different way of managing content and the developer are all of them, i mean they really do it. The development is not driven by the behavior of plugin and espacially themes.

Django CMS

Maybe the first one, it has been done to fit the development process of django it seft so it is also easy to get started with, espacially with his WYSIWYG feature.

Django CMS


  • Github star : 6569
  • Release date : ‎may 2007
  • Main maintainer : Divio,
  • Plugins : yes, a plugin marketplace
  • Content Management Method : WYSIWYG with Drag-n-Drop on the front end
  • Administration : Yes, customized version of django admin Easy to handle, it work like a normal django application with a WYSIWYG feature.
  • Publication workflow : No

Wagtail CMS

Recent but powerfull, a lot of folks out there are saying that it does well some things Django CMS wasn't, i personnally agree with that; for example there is a possibility to manage a CMS's page context, just magic. Can be use as a headless CMS. Note that it is data driven. (like odoo ERP)

Wagtail CMS


  • Github star : 6772
  • Release date : February 2014
  • Main maintainer : Torchbox,
  • Plugins : yes, there is a list of awesome list of plugins on github
  • Content Management Method : Each page is define as a django model and each instance of the page class represent a page in the site. Content are defined within the administration.
  • Administration: Yes, A totally new one build from scratch to meet some requirements.
  • Publication workflow : Yes, there is a logic of Editor, Modarators and publication review between them embed directly into the CMS.
  • Slack channel :
  • Can be used as a Headless CMS since it provide a full REST API to access page and content.


Not a lot of thing to say, i didn't work a lot with that but i know that it is very integrated to the django admin.



  • Github star: 3718
  • Release date : 2012
  • Maintainer : Stephen McDonald (@stephenmcd, github)
  • Theme : There is a Theme marketplace
  • Administration : Django Admin
  • Content Management Method : Directly into the Django admin UI

Coderedcms ( based on Wagtail)

A version of wagtail more oriented on SEO.

Coderedcms CMS


  • Github star : 69
  • Release date : n/a
  • Maintainers : CoderedCorp,
  • more oriented on Marketing content
  • Most of Wagtail features




  • github star : 310
  • Release date : n/a
  • Maintainer: fusionbax,
  • Content Management Method : WYSIWYG within the django administration
  • Adminstration : django admin
  • Theming : normal django template system

Actually there is a lot of CMS solutions out there in this django's world, some are more mature than other so the usage of one depend also on the developer strengh.
For the story Wagtail CMS has been build by Torchbox to replace Drupal.

You can view the Django Package grid related to CMS here :

Thank for reading this, you can .leave a comment to add a CMS to the list and even a tought about it, we could find a new unicorn.

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