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Setting Priorities for 2020

Setting Priorities for 2020

Today i am not writing this article as slim coder but I’m writing this article as Vivek Anand.

I was depressed after my birthday on 11 January 2020 I don’t know why but this thing was destroying me from inside and i did nothing for whole month which is not a good thing , i was very depressed even i didn’t performed well in office.

So i thought i should contact someone whom i trust but didn’t find any solution. then i read a book “100 things successful people do” and i found out the problem which i was doing for very long time and that was releated to “priority”.

Once a wise man said : If you are good at everything , then you are good at nothing.

As you all know I write code , i also do open source Contributions, volunteer work , write medium article , upload videos on youtube and much more.

I want to be good at everything but it is not possible because if i do something then this will impact other things also.

So what i did , i simply prioritized things with respect to numbers,

  1. Job : Most important thing for me and my family without job i was unable to help my family. So work is my very first priority after my family. Even i also do over time because i love my job.

  2. Learning : Without it i can never be a good software engineer so learning is also important. So i will try to learn as much as i can this is my 2nd priority and i will try to learn on regular basis. I will try to improve things which i learn in previous year i.e full stack, cloud computing, cloud native , devops and i will try to work on problem solving and logic building skills then if get free time i will try to learn technologies which is I’m currently working in my office.

  3. Open Source : I will try to contribute to open source projects during my free time maybe weekend is very good option for that I’m using github and stack overflow.

  4. Volunteer Work : I am ready to do any volunteer work on monthly basis currently doing that for @mentorswithoutborders and devncode .

  5. Teaching : If i don’t learn new things then how can i teach someone so that’s why it is my 5th priority so this means that , i will try to upload youtube videos and medium article when i want to when I’m very free from all above priorities.

  6. Book Reading : This year i started new habit yeah! and that was book reading i love book reading but if i only read books and don’t apply them in real world then book reading is a waste so i will try to read book after doing all above things and apply that in my real life.

So guy’s i suggest you to prioritize things according to your availability and work with them when you want to work and don’t be sad we all are humans we can’t be good at everything but atleast we should try.

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