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Material Dashboard - Open-Source starters coded in different technologies

Hello Coders,

This article presents a short-list with open-source starters coded on top of Material Dashboard design, the well-known Google UI concept. This list will be periodically updated with more items once are available in the wild and also with starters suggested in the comments. All items, released under permissive licenses (MIT, LGPL), are actively supported by the AppSeed platform via Github (issues tracker) and Discord - 24/7 LIVE Service.
Thanks for reading!

Material Dashboard resources - short-list

Material Dashboard - CoreUI design, coded in Jinja.

Material Dashboard - Flask Version

Material Dashboard is a free Material Bootstrap 4 Admin with a fresh, new design inspired by Google's Material Design. Material Dashboard was built over the popular Bootstrap 4 framework and it comes with a couple of third-party plugins redesigned to fit in with the rest of the elements.
Material Dashboard makes use of light, surface, and movement. The general layout resembles sheets of paper following multiple different layers so that the depth and order are obvious. The navigation stays mainly on the left sidebar and the content is on the right inside the main panel.

Product Links

Material Dashboard - Coded in Flask, main dashboard screen.

Material Dashboard - Jinja AdminLTE

AdminLTE is quite a famous OSS Material Dashboard UI kit initially coded by ColorLib, now supported and versioned by open-source enthusiasts across the globe. This iconic UI can be downloaded from Github under the MIT License.

AdminLTE Links

Material Dashboard - AdminLTE design, coded in Jinja.

Material Dashboard - CoreUI Django

CoreUI Material Dashboard is an Open Source Bootstrap Admin Template. But CoreUI is not just another Admin Template. It goes way beyond hitherto admin templates thanks to transparent code and file structure. And if that's not enough, let’s just add that CoreUI consists bunch of unique features and over 1000 high-quality icons.

CoreUI is meant to be the UX game changer. Pure & transparent code is devoid of redundant components, so the app is light enough to offer the ultimate user experience. This means mobile devices also, where the navigation is just as easy and intuitive as on a desktop or laptop. The CoreUI Layout API lets you customize your project for almost any device – be it Mobile, Web, or WebApp – CoreUI covers them all!

CoreUI Links

Material Dashboard - CoreUI design, coded in Django.

Material Dashboard - Flask Version

Material Dash is a free admin template designed based on Google’s Material Design framework. It contains multiple in-built layouts, which makes it possible to create pages in a different layout in just a matter of minutes. It comes with the basic components and set of pre-built pages required to lay the foundation for any application. The design is crafted and actively supported by BootstrapDash, a well-known company with many OSS products.

Dashboard Links

Material Dashboard - Flask version, the main dashboard page.

Material Dashboard - AdminT Jinja

AdminT is the swiss army knife of the material dashboard templates. You can create applications of any kind with it. We carefully crafted every component based on a cohesive design system. Your app will look pro with AdminT magic. It’s completely free & open-source. Grab it today and build beautiful apps.

Dashboard Links

Material Dashboard - AdminT design, main dashboard page.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to suggest more items in the comments.

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Thank you! AdminT looks nice.

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Thanks for reading. Feel free to suggest related items, coded on top of Material UI Kits.