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When creating an API, keep these five things in mind (I mean it)

1. Documentation

Building an API that is simple to use requires thorough and organised documentation.

To make things as simple as feasible, you should offer documentation on the quick start guide, security, available endpoints, and code examples.

2. Versioning

You will make adjustments to update and modify data over the lifecycle of your APIs. Such adjustments may break it and negatively affect user experience.

Always plan updates carefully and version your API so that you have earlier versions as a backup, ready to utilise for your users.

3. Testing

Testing is a crucial step that is frequently missed while creating APIs.

You should test your API frequently, especially after making changes, to create a great API. You might discover that users are changing the data in unexpected ways.

4. API evaluation

You may learn more about how users interact with your API and how to best improve it to increase its effectiveness by using software to track your API analytics.

5. Who is your audience?

To improve your APIs performance strategy, you’ll want it to reach its target audience.

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steps to consider while considers the next api development

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