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Why I code with python

Good morning guys, Somto here I'm here to share the reasons why I code with python and hope you'll also find it convenient to do so. I started learning python some time last year when I new to programming, my cousin adviced me to do so if I want to get started with any programming language because it was easy to understand. So after a while of python I decided to learn another language Java and man Java syntax wasn't funny things were strongly typed only to print out Hello world in Java I needed to have full understanding of OOP but in python all you need to do is enclose your Hello world text withing quotes (single or double) and within parentheses that's all. Asides that python is an all rounder you can use it can be applied in different areas ML and AI, backend development, Hacking, Game Dev, GUI and so on you name it, I'm just happy I started my programming career with python I can't wait to see what other things it has to offer

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