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Sonia Singla
Sonia Singla

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馃帹 Bracket Pair Colorizer

I have been coding for a while now, and identifying blocks, notations, opening and closing tags within heavily nested loops and functions is more of a nightmare for me.

Recently, I get to know about the Bracket Pair Colorizer extension in Visual Studio Code, life savior extension! This extension allows matching brackets to be identified with colours. By default (), [], and {} are matched, however, custom bracket characters can also be configured.

It enhances the way that we write code and helps in a better understanding of the mess going on, in the code editor.

You can install Bracket Pair Colorizer using the VS Code extension marketplace. Hit install and make sure to reload after installation 馃

Cheers & Happy Sharing! 鉂わ笍

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Camilo Martinez

Consider update your links with 2 version.

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Sonia Singla

Thanks for checking-in, changes updated :)

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Always have loved this extension, it's very helpful for identifying what brackets/parenthesis/etc belongs to what.