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Soumyajit Behera
Soumyajit Behera

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Developer Portfolio with React.js

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I build my developer portfolio using react.js and I would like to have it reviewed by our awesome community.

I have tried to keep the design and code minimalistic so that others can customize it easily to build their own.

Website Link:-

Source Code:-

Any feedback, suggestions, or comments are welcome.
If you like the website please give a star to it on github.
Thank You!

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Begaiym Adylbek kyzy

I like your portfolio very much and realized how many things I should learn from now : D. I tried your way to change the background of Navbar : D and noticed, that it's better to use event listener inside useEffect, because for some reason it calls event listener too often (i checked it writing console.log("Hello") inside the function) and with useEffect it calls it less often. I'm not sure if it is not silly advice, but may be it will help.

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Khusaeni Al-Qolbinnadhzifi


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Hi I am also making a similar portfolio. From where can I get those svg?

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Soumyajit Behera

I will fix the typo.

Would you like to suggest any UI changes or adding any features