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Docker machine: what is and the main commands

Igor Souto
A Software Engineer with a focus on frontend development.
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Docker machine allows us to easily deploy an environment from a local machine in any infrastructure service, like AWS, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud, etc, through the installation of the driver that you want, environment variables, etc.

With that, we can create a host Docker in any of these platforms, and easily manage those machines from our local machine.

Main commands


docker-machine create --driver virtualbox first-host-box

This command, creates a new host docker, with the driver VirtualBox and with the name "first-host-box".


docker-machine ls

Lists all the available hosts in your machine.


Lists the environment variables that need to be set.

We can easily declare it with:

eval $(docker-machine env first-host-box)


docker-machine ip first-host-box

Lists the ip of the host docker.


docker-machine ssh first-host-box

With this command, we can access via SSH this host docker and use Linux commands inside it.


docker-machine inspect first-host-box

Shows details of the host docker.


docker-machine stop first-host-box

Stops the host.


docker-machine start first-host-box

Starts the host.


docker-machine rm first-host-box

Removes the host.


With this, the Docker machine promotes great ease of installation and deployment in a cloud environment from its local containers.

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