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A new stack - from Vue.js to Svelte & more

Recently I gave Svelte a shot after I neglected it for quite some time (just basically tested it out right when it came out but decided that at the time, it wasn't for me).

Boy was I surprised! After working extensively with React and then Vue.js for quite some time, meandering to stuff like gridsome and nuxt.js in the process I was really surprised how amazing Svelte and SvelteKit have become.

Since at my company we are currently bootstrapping a new e-commerce startup I've decided to go with a totally new stack (at least for the MVP) and if this is interesting for you guys, I'm thinking about making a series of posts documenting the journey - so drop me a line or fave this if you like it ;)

The components

Currently I'm not yet 100% sure which components to pick from the selection since we're still evaluating everything for the project but here's the shortlist:

  • backend-as-a-service with graphCMS or cosmicJS
  • authentication-as-a-service with Auth0
  • e-commerce with CommerceLayer or Vendure
  • frontend with Svelte
  • graphQL and REST for the data

What I absolutely like about Svelte is that components are really readable and since it all boils down to plain vanilla javascript it just feels a lot lighter than Vue or React. I also love that it plays nice with one of our main staples, Tailwind CSS, and that the local dev environment is blazingly fast.

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Michael Bromley

Servus! I've been experiementing with SvelteKit too recently (I'm usually an Angular guy) and really loved the experience and simplicity of the whole package.

If you do decide to go with Vendure (or if you have questions during your evaluation) don't hesitate to ask! You can contact me via Twitter or email via website in bio.

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Nicklas Gellner

For the ecommerce backend, you might also consider using Medusa which is open-source. Some community members already used it with a Svelte frontend:

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