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Stacy Cashmore
Stacy Cashmore

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Time to be me

In a recent post I mentioned that I have PTSD, an Anxiety disorder and suffer from Depressive Mood Syndrome.

To try and overcome these, and to work on living with them, I've been in therapy for a while.

Last week we were covering the abject nightmare (for me) that is meeting with other people. The stress from beforehand. The stress during, and the stress after.

I'm a geek. I have passions that other people find childish, pointless, weird, a waste of time.

  • I love computers, and playing/experimenting with them
  • I love Doctor Who
  • I love 50s Swing style and spend most of my days looking like I'm going to a prom
  • Whilst I don't love scary movies, I love creepy outfits and several of my swing dresses have halloween vibes
  • I love Lego!
  • l love streaming my Lego building on my (OTT) computer setup, whilst wearing swing dresses... 😛

What I don't love are the constant comments from people who don't love these things telling me that I'm wasting my time doing pointless things, that they find what I like boring, or childish and to remember how old I am.

In one of exercises we were walking through how I experience family gatherings. I reached the point of the conversations and how I experience them. How I wish I could answer all the criticism

Well it works for me and makes me happy.

And at that point I was reminded of a quote attributed to John Barrowman (Captain Jack of Doctor Who fame)

"Never apologize for being nerdy, because unnerdy people will never apologize for being assholes."

I hope I can live up to that. I love my hobbies and interests. They make me happy.

Be yourself. You're worth it.

I may not be perfect, but I'm fine as I am

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Rob Prouse

The people who criticize your interest are also probably the types to chase a little white ball around the lawn playing golf or sit on the couch watching sports all weekend, both of which are so grown up and mature ;)

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