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How to remove URLs from Google (quickly)

We've all been there probably — Google indexed URLs, which should have NEVER been indexed.

Maybe it a staging environment got indexed, a site got hacked and a bunch of dodgy pages popped up in Google Search, sensitive information like an acquisition or merger was accidentally published.

Or, you're going all Marie Kondo on your content and you've started removing and merging old content.

Regardless of the situation, you want to dictate what picture Google paints. Right away.

Because every situation is different, the steps you need to to take to get Google to remove your URLs are different.

I've identified the most common reasons to remove URLs from Google, and documented what to do in great detail.

Check out the article here: How to Remove URLs from Google Search in a Snap!

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Hi there, we encourage authors to share their entire posts here on DEV, rather than mostly pointing to an external link. Doing so helps ensure that readers don’t have to jump around to too many different pages, and it helps focus the conversation right here in the comments section.

If you choose to do so, you also have the option to add a canonical URL directly to your post.

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Steven van Vessum Author

Thanks Sloan, I didn't know about the canonical URL.

The thing is, all of my posts have unique formatting. I'll have to see if I can achieve the same result on as I can on my own site. Will def. give it a go!