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Cost of Exit is a Cost of Entry.

Steve Hallman
I am an advocate and practitioner of Scrum Agile. Scrum Master and Agile Coach.
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FBI SWAT teams are one of the most highly trained infiltration / exfiltration units in the world. Highly skilled, highly trained. Practice frequently. They are armed with the best gear in the world, bristling with guns, ammo, handcuffs, flash-bang grenades. In their center pocket, easiest and fastest to reach, is their most important tool.

A rubber doorstop. It’s worth thinking about.

I heard this listening to Penn Jillette relate his experience talking to the leader of an FBI SWAT team. He asked why the rubber doorstop was so important that it deserved front and center pocket placement.

β€œWe go into a lot of rooms with risk and uncertainty. We want to make sure we can get back out.”

Question : What are the implications of this principle in software development?

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