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December Developer Digest: A year in review

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2021 wrap-up

2021 wrap-up: a year in review

In this special edition of the Developer Digest, we’re highlighting some of the most important product releases, video series, and community contributions of 2021.

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Payment Element: The new Payment Element lets you build a custom payment flow that supports 18+ payment methods with a single integration. Once integrated, you can add additional payment methods with no front-end changes. Explore our code samples or learn how to migrate from an existing integration.

Payment Links: Use Payment Links to sell a product or subscription in minutes. Create a full payment page in just a few clicks and embed the link or share it with your customers—no code required. Learn how to set up a payment link in our video or get started now.

Stripe Tax: Stripe Tax simplifies tax calculation and collection. If you’re looking to incorporate Stripe Tax into your integration or learn more about the three steps you need to get started, watch our guide on YouTube.

Stripe for VS Code: With our VS Code extension, you can stream logs and webhook events from the Stripe API to your local development machine, quickly access the API reference by hovering over resource methods, easily get started with one of Stripe’s sample apps, and much more. Learn more in our video or get started now.

Stripe React Native SDK: The official Stripe React Native SDK is now in public beta to help you build delightful payment experiences using React Native. Watch our video guides on adding the SDK to a React Native app and accepting a payment.


Developer Foundations series: In this video series, you'll learn the fundamentals of topics like authentication, making requests, adding metadata, and more. Check out the playlist for Ruby, Python, PHP, Node, Go, Java, or .NET.

Global payment video series: Watch our series of videos that walks through how to get started accepting payments on Stripe using local payment methods.

Stripe Postman video series: Learn how to use the new Stripe Postman collection to try API requests without writing any code. You can now learn how to install the collection, set up authentication, make basic and advanced requests, paginate lists, send versions and metadata, expand responses, and work with idempotency keys.


Thank you to our top open-source contributor of 2021: hibariya.

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