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Django 2.2 polls app tutorial source code commit by commit


I went through the famous Django "polls" app tutorial, and made it into a git repository which you can follow commit by commit:

GitHub link: deployment-from-scratch/django-2.2-polls

Tutorial link: Writing your first Django app

It's for Django 2.2.

Full Story:

Since the beginning of time (me wanting to leave PHP development) I was intrigued by Ruby on Rails and Django frameworks. I liked both for different reasons, but ended up doing mainly Rails because of Ruby the language (and living with a syndrome that I might made a mistake ever since).

Fast forward to 2019, and I am writing a book on deploying web application where I am trying to teach deployment of both Ruby and Python apps. There are pretty similar in that regards actually, but I needed some Python examples.

For this reason, I went to the Django site after many years (it's a lie, I keep watching Django space haha) and did the famous introductory tutorial of building "polls" app. I did it "commit by commit" so people can follow it easily while going through the tutorial.

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