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How to Visualize Your SQLite Database with One Command (and Nothing to Install)

sualeh profile image Sualeh Fatehi ・1 min read

Ever wondered what the tables in your SQLite database look like, and how they are related to each other? Generate a diagram of your SQLite database with one command. You can run this on any system that has Docker installed.

On a Linux system, run a command like:

docker run \
--mount type=bind,source="$(pwd)",target=/home/schcrwlr \
--rm -it \
schemacrawler/schemacrawler \
/opt/schemacrawler/ \
--server=sqlite \
--database=chinook-database-2.0.1.sqlite \
--info-level=standard \
--command=schema \
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The command assumes that a SQLite database called "chinook-database-2.0.1.sqlite" is in your current directory. A file called "output.png" will be generated with the database schema, including foreign key relationships. You can generate PDF files, and other types of output too. Go through the SchemaCrawler tutorials on Katacoda to learn more SchemaCrawler commands. If you are using PowerShell on Windows, replace the trailing backslash on each line with a back-tick.

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