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Supabase for Supabase

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Quick Demo! Three months of building.

It has been a monster month at Supabase and we're back with a video update. It's a longer video this month because we have a couple of housekeeping items.


We got into Y Combinator 🎉. The cohort has just started and it's fully remote so it will be a unique experience, even by normal YC standards.

Normally we wouldn't mention this until our official YC launch in September but the cat's out of the bag since @vira28 posted about us on Hacker News.

We've seen a huge response from the tech community. We're still 'very alpha' so the attention may have been better in September but everyone has been patient with the bugs and instability. It just goes to show: ship early and often because nobody knows when you might get picked up.


OK now for the important part - as promised, we will continue to release our updates here in the DEV community first. Skip to 1m18s in the video if you just want to see what we've been up to.

Fresh UI

We've revamped the UI to fit in some more features that we're building.

Fresh UI

Table View

This one is still very unstable, but we wanted to ship it anyway. It's a little hidden away so you'll have to hunt for it :). Give us a couple of months and we promise this will be as good as (better than?) Airtable.

Table view

And more

  • ⚡ Realtime listeners! Subscribe to your database just like you would with Firebase.
  • 🤖 Instant RESTful APIs that update when you update your schema. Supabase introspects your schema and updates your API and documentation.
  • 📓 Auto-documentation for your APIs and Postgres schema. What's better than documentation? Documentation that you don't have to manually keep up to date.

We'll announce all our future features with more freebies here on DEV first. Follow us so that you don't miss out.

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And make sure to star us on github!

Top comments (15)

agreatdaytocode profile image
Aaron A

I'm really excited for team over at Supabase. I fully expect to adopt this in production products once this has cleared alpha and beta. @Supabase: Keep up the awesome work!

kiwicopple profile image

Thanks Aaron 🚀 nice to have a community of patient developers!

pavelloz profile image
Paweł Kowalski

Very cool execution - as usual, work on the UI (and UX), as we all know, developers are not designers :) This thought came to mind when i saw contrasts (i think chrome has accessibility audits built in the dev tools).

It kind of reminds me of what One Orange Cow has presented some time ago for platformOS at

herawais profile image
Muhammad Awais

Simply WOW

chsanch profile image
Christian Sánchez

This looks pretty good!

arcticspacefox profile image

Super cool 😎

rizkyrajitha profile image
Rajitha Gunathilake

awesome <3

martineboh profile image
Martin Eboh

I am truly proud of the team at Supabase. Enjoying building with the real-time feature in an in-house project, and team was very helpful in setting it up. Keep the good works coming.

kiwicopple profile image

Hey Martin 👋 nice to see you here as well! I still owe you that documentation! We are working on the self hosting now. Also we've just added webhooks to the realtime server (so you can send all your events to a specified URL). I'll document it all up with the self-hosting docs

fleepgeek profile image
Emmanuel Okiche

Looks nice.
Hope you have Flutter in mind while building this?

kiwicopple profile image

We're tracking all the client libraries here:

For now we are trying to move fast with the JS library but we 100% intend to implement other libraries

dhgouveia profile image
Jose De Gouveia

Great! this is something I've been looking for a long time!

bizzibody profile image
Ian bradbury

Wow. I had not heard of Supabase before. The demo looked really great and I can't wait to find the time to have a try out.

kiwicopple profile image

Thanks Ian - we're really early stage, officially launching in January. We're in alpha so we have a lot to build but it's great if you want to play around and give feedback. The good think about catching us early is that your feedback really has an impact on our product direction

Looking forward to seeing what you build!

sergix profile image
Peyton McGinnis

Great product that is much needed in the developer community. Well done! I'm excited to see how this will continue to grow. 👏🏼