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PayNow Integration Part 2: Getting Keys

Gateways or APIs needs a way of identifying their users so they can know:

  • who requested what
  • what belongs to who
  • who does what

To do that gateways use what are known as API keys/Integration keys. So in order to use an API or a payment gateway you must get those integration/API keys.

So lets get Integration keys for PayNow

Step 1: Creating an account

Go to PayNow and click Signup, you be presented with a big long form. Enter your details silently 🤣🤣🤣

Once you complete registration, you will be sent a link to finish off registration

So check your email and open the message

Alt Text

Follow the link and log in

Step 2: Setup payment bank account

This stage is intuitive you simply select options and enter details where they are needed

i. Payment Methods

Select the payment methods you want to accept
Alt Text

ii. Bank Accounts

Here you should enter your bank details. Please crosscheck you details before continuing.
Alt Text

iii. Charges

Here you select who absorbs the charges

Alt Text

Once done click Finish and you will be presented by this screen


Getting Keys

Now click Receive Payments on the navigation then click Other ways to get paid.


Scroll down to 3rd Party Shopping Carts & Business Systems Integration and click Create or Manage Shopping Carts.


Scroll down again to Advanced Integration and click Create Advanced Integration.

You will be presented with a form like that:


Enter details and click Save

Behold!.....The Keys!!!. 🙌🙌🙌


So you can view your Integration ID and Integration Key, you can also request account to be live mode and you can create another set of keys.

So ladies and gentlemen this is how you get PayNow keys


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Great article , thank you for taking the time to document this procces