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I am Tanvesh Sarve, a "Full-stack 10x" Developer

(not really! ayy don't tell nobody tho)

ok, we friends now? cool.
This right here is my first blog ever.
I have heard that writing blogs or making videos on a topic actually gets you access to
an eight-dimensional world where you are learning at 8x speeeeed, just to ensure you don't get it wrong because at the end day, You are teaching people!

SOO here I am trying to make great coding tutorials on everything really with the help of this great platform 👋. I really appreciate and thank every one of this tech community and my lovely people on twitter .

Please expect a load of tutorials on React and Redux. Because I just LOOVE them.

Fun fact: I just gave a coding test from Google India for an internship there. Not my best performance on a coding test for sure. BUT you know how google is? the same ol' google! testing talented people on the thing which they are never going to use in the JOB ITSELF! * I mean, I am not mad or anything. *
*So people at DEV reading this somehow and you guys have any position for interns you know who to contact. *wink.
Here is a project i did recently:

I am a MASSIVE fan of hip-hop, so in every blog, I write I'll have some motivational quote from the industry


- Logic, Amen, 2020.

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