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I'm a Lead Software Engineer. I mainly use Ruby, PHP & Java and anything i need to get shit done.


MSc at Computer Integrated Manufacturing, TOBB ETU & FHNW


Lead Software Engineer

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Rails 6 & Webpacker Settings for Production

Happy to help :)

Rails 6 & Webpacker Settings for Production

thank you for your comment. I will try that :)

Dynamically loaded content with RSS and Gatsby

cors-anywhere has a limit for request. What would you suggest...

Rails 6 & Webpacker Settings for Production

Glad to help 🙂

Celebrating DEV Pride & Alan Turing!

I admired Turing when i saw he needed to define what "computa...

How much coffee do you drink?

1 or none

Ruby vs Elixir

Derek Sivers says elixir. ...

DEV.TO writers, what MD tools do you use?

I tried and shared something new ...

Rails 6 & Webpacker Settings for Production

Addition; Please add this variables to environment if you d...

Owning my content again

Hello, good article. Thanks for that. How you managed to po...

Phoenix Framework or Ruby on Rails

Thank you for your response Ben.

What was your win this week?

😂 i need to step up my dad jokes this year. So I'm posting ...

What was your win this week?

My son born on valentines day. I think we can call it a win...

How to install Tailwind CSS on Rails 6.0

Yes. Here is my paths; app/javascript/css/application.scss ...

What are your favorite portfolio sites for devs?


What are your favorite portfolio sites for devs?

Brutalist more than minimalistic :)

What are your favorite portfolio sites for devs?

Devs *minimalism in its core. my fav kickscon...

Hello again. It's time to do some work!

I like the old school look of the website. Standardize, upd...

CSS breakpoint on retina display using Bootstrap

Hello, For including high-res graphics, but only for screen...

What are some common falsehoods about working as a software developer?

That you should have a solution for every problem.

To blog, or not to blog? What should a girl do?

For me, it doesn't matter how often you write, where you wr...

Let's Create a Toy Markdown Editor with Python Tkinter!

Man, this is a good effort. Thank you.

Tell me an unpopular software opinion

IDEA is way better than Eclipse and Netbeans.

How to change var to string.

Hello Rik, I didn't really catch the problem you are havin...

What is async?

Async means Asynchronous. Its mainly used with await in Pyt...

What's your personal productivity software stack?

Sketchapp for design vscode + idea to write code typora to ...

Top 5 DEV Comments from the Past Week

This post is beneficial. Thank you.

I might quit.

Hi İbrahim, I don't know you and thats ok. I didn't know @b...

6 GitHub Repos For Instant Knowledge Boost

Thank you for this awesome share.

The perfect non-null test

Thank you Zohar.

What do you think the BEST feature is that could add?

"Maybe add badges or some kind of incentive to get people t...

How to start freelancing as a beginner?

I started it asking everyone i know "Do you need a website?...

Special Announcement From the DEV Founders

Good news everyone. Lets fight for the spot!

Hacktoberfest2019 Swag Redeemed

wow man good job