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What is HTTP/3?

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Hey, How are you guys? I hope you all are safe and never stop learning. So let's learn together. You all may have the idea of HyperText Transfer Protocol(HTTP) and the evolution of that. If you don't, then it is the right time to learn HTTP and an upcoming versions of the HTTP. Yes, you read the right, upcoming version of HTTP is HTTP3, though some of CDNs and browsers are already implemented but not announced to the public.

HTTP3 is the upcoming 3rd major version of the HTTP used to exchange data between client and server. But Why HTTP3? We are more acquainted now with HTTP/2 and we were also very well satisfied with HTTP/1.1 even.

I would say all the versions of HTTP came to reduce the latency or RTT(Round Trip Time) between the client and server communication. HTTP/3 will come for the same reason. The interesting part of this protocol is, it is coming with the new Transport Layer Protocol QUIC which is previously known as QUICK UDP Internet Connections but now this is a name and not an acronym anymore.

But QUIC is used over UDP(User Datagram Protocol), QUIC=Transport + Encryption. So now the question is what is the problem with TCP?

Let’s watch the video to understand in detail. Please do like, Share, Comment, and Subscribe to learn all time.

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