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Would You Have Survived!

My Project

Although this is not my final year project, but I would like to share it with the community because its fun!

In the initial days of learning Data Science, I trained a model on the very popular Titanic Dataset and got good accuracy. I thought why not share it with everyone so that everyone can check whether they would have survived if they were on the Titanic ship.

Demo Link

Here is the working demo

Link to Code

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How I built it

I mostly used Python to build the project. The following stack was used:

  • Machine Learning: Scikit Learn, Pandas, Numpy, XGBoost
  • Web App: Flask, JavaScript
  • Deployment: Heroku

This was the first project which I deployed on Heroku and I realized how easy it was to deploy Python webapps on it. I also learnt how to connect machine learning model with webapps.

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