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loadable-component is awesome library for React code-splitting / dynamic-import

I found good React code-splitting library and this article recooment this : loadable-components.

When I want to use dynamic import and code spliting in React application, I must implement wrapper and it's messy.

In React document's code splitting section use react-loadable.
This is good library, but sadly this repository is disabled issue.

I watched the React document's issue and found this issue and loadable-component.

I felt "Ah, that is great library !"
Below is loadable-component's my favorite points.

Favorite point: Concept

From motivation

main goal: reducing API in order to make it as easier as possible for the developer

I saw the sample and felt that "this is certainly easier than other libraries!"


Favorite point: Good README (documentation).

loadable-components's README is listed methods and functions to need, clearly and exhaustive.

FYI: I felt most attractive function is Prefetch hover. react-loadable has this function too, but I couldn't found that easily.
(Because react-loadable's readme has some very big images..)

Favorite point: Clean Code & Testing

loadable-componet has many function and I predicted code is to hard.
But I suprised that keep very clean code when watch loadable-component source code.
If I got problem, I will able to resolve or post pull request.
Of course there are also tests.

Favorite point: Open issue

Library's owner can select disable or enable issues.
But I want to choose library that accept isses.
Issues is can post my issue and also function as great knowledge bank.


I favorited loadable-component.

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