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What i think about

This is in general and applies to many but the response and feedback i received at, truly amazing!

To learn is to be free, to learn is to grow. Learning can be viewed as finding new data to be stored in an organ known as the brain. Once the new data resides, time makes good useful information out of it. This process of converting data into information is not far fetched, as it is the initial building block of a marvel, we know as a computer today. The transformed information has many variations ranging from experience, skills, knowledge and being instructed. To think about, man has been around for about 200,000 years and to survive such a time lapse is quite an achievement for us. The secret to this immortality, i think is collaboration. Collaboration is the course of nature, as same species have a likely chance in achieving the same, similar or overlapping goals. Therefore, collaboration was discovered, to work together to complete a common task. Now, when species collaborate in the process of learning, they reduce the time to produce the result and increase their horizon in finding ways to complete their tasks and this is what progress looks like. has used the internet as the basis of creating an online collaborative learning experience. To write your thoughts and have instant feedback on them is truly powerful. The instant feedback allows any individual to see how similar they are to others and in the same way how their thoughts can be seen in a different perspective. This process of comparing similarities and growing on differences is what I would call a discussion forum. You create, you answer, you reply and you promote, what a wonderful concept brought to reality. This lays the foundations of an increase in participation which are not bound by time. I would say it has a time of its own which when needed can be stopped and when required started. You are in a world where you are in control of your time.

Now for me to experience it, is like opening gates that I never knew I had keys to. The traditional learning system seems so limited as it promised to achieve much but it gave so little. People and education when they become stagnant, they become a disease. Its infectious, it spreads and it destroys. Everything wants to live, so to learn is to live and to live is to grow.

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