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I just use good old Bulma. I just use npm to install it and import it in the App component like so:

import 'bulma/bulma';

I've seen options for React components for this like Bloomer but they seemed to complicate things a bit more than necessary for me.

There's also options like ReactStrap which turns Bootstrap 4 elements into React Components.



I've started moving over to Bulma from customizing Bootstrap and so on.


If you mean UI frameworks with React components, I recommend:

  • Material UI is great if you like material design.
  • Semantic UI is great if you want something better designed than Bootstrap.
  • React Bootstrap is great if you like the CSS/SASS version.
  • Ant Design is great if you want a "minimal" design aesthetic.

A lot of companies have their own design systems you can download and use, like Shopify's Polaris or Segment's Evergreen. Adele has a great table of the design systems and the tech they use (SASS vs CSS in JS / React vs HTML components / etc). There's also this 'awesome-design-systems' Github that has a similar table.

You can also use any CSS framework with React, so stuff like Semantic UI, Bootstrap, Bulma, Foundation, Materialize works too.


I think you may not know React Suite, so I recommend it.




Thanks all. So far I liked Ant Design. I will check on the other designs as well.

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