3 Mistakes of My life!- during College Placements

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So, how many times do you feel like traveling back in the past and starting 'not from scratch' but at least tiptoeing safely from the mistakes you made.
On a serious note, it just sometimes churns my head for just simple steps that could have made us all winners through our doomsday(the placement days).

First, choosing your niche
Not everyone can own "c/c++/java" as their cup of tea,but there is a whole lot of big world out there where you could not only dip your feet but swim through, like try- web development, cloud engineering, IOT and many more.

Second, Develop something Real
Yeah, I get it they all study like sheeps in heard, everyone asking for Datastructures, linked list, and stuff, and even if after trying, you feel like "you just can't win it..", Drop it! Design your portfolio the way you want. Show the most amazing applications instead, that you designed with all your hands on. You might give them a spark in their eyes, compensating your downfalls.

Third, Never ever underestimate yourself
The job you are getting it's not because of luck, byChance or they are generous or anything you just have to stop feeling that. You might feel like everyone is far superior to you, but you still deserve it. Just you have to find your place to fit in. Might not be as a hardcore "Developer" but start as an "Analyst" or "UI/UX Designer" or "Data scientist". The IT industry is not limited to coding only. Go, find your Niche!

Summary: Always go to the interviews with all your arrows polished in the quiver either as a fresher or an experienced. You can turn the interviewer as an audience where you can display your love of Technologies and display all your masterpieces.

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I like the question "what have you built?"

Linked lists and heaps and algorithm brainteasers are cute, but if they've actually built something, they probably will be more enthusiastic about explaining the problems they came across, how they solved it, etc. and they probably have the right type of attitude that I'm looking for in a developer.


true! it is just lack of guidance and confidence which makes these interviews a turmoil.