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Opinion Needed !

With Google really pushing Kotlin with free courses and all, is Android App development really taking a new route from Java to Kotlin ?

As an novice-Android App dev , should i switch to Kotlin or stick with Java ?

Lets carry on this discussion .
Post your views and opinions in the discussions panel below.
Thank You in advance !

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Martin Jablečník

I believe that Kotlin is future of development on Android.
If you already know Java, you can try Kotlin and then you will see where everywhere is Kotlin better than Java.
If you don't know Java, I recommend learn Kotlin and your life will be great.. ;)

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Stephen Gerkin

Agreed. I think Kotlin is the future development of anything on the JVM, not just for Android. I think Kotlin being designated a first-class language for Android helped propel it into the popularity it is gaining, but overall it is such a wonderful language to read and to write that it can't help but continue to grow.

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Andrew Brown 🇨🇦

I didn't find using Java that hard.
Koltin has a layer of abstraction that promises convenience but I found having to dig into Java on to many cases that it's not worth it. I would go with Java.

Now when we're talking about iOS Swift is much better than Objective-C lol

robinrs profile image

In my opinion, it all depends on your preferences. I did both, multiple times tested which is faster to code, better to understand and other stuff.
I came to the result that there is no real difference if you like kotlin & java both the same.

But in my case, I typically use Java because I'm used to it. (because of multiple years of Java development)

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Graham Long

Kotlin is what google is pushing but there are still loads of tutorials and examples of android development in Java as well as loads of android and enterprise applications in Java. I’ve tried both and personally love the style of Kotlin, but both languages do the same thing at the end of the day, I’d say try both and decide which you prefer if you have experience of both then it shouldn’t be too hard to switch between them if needed.

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Bhanu Pratap Singh

In my opinion, if you don't have any Java background and starting learning Android App Development then go for Kotlin. It's really amazing to work with it.
There are multiple reason to opt Kotlin over java however I would like to highlight few, its java compatible, easy to code, extension functions, shorter programs as compared with same java programs.

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Henrique Horbovyi

My opinion:
Switch to Kotlin now

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They're languages, not football teams -- you can do both. :)

the_unconventional_coder profile image

so Kotlin seems the probable way to go if someone is planning to get into android dev .

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Christian Hernandez

If you have knowledge or experience with Java, the introduction to Android development will be easier, but if you do not know these two languages, take Kotlin to start