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TheCoveMC Content Patch 2

Second Patch!

Ya'll ready to see all the cool stuff we've been working on? We've been counting the hours to the next content patch to show you!

The Quick Menu

The quick menu is a revolutionary new concept based on a mechanic we've refined. Double tap your "switch hand" key (default "F"), and the quick menu will open!

The quick menu contains all of the features that are commonly used. The year is 2021, who types commands manually?

Want to see our Vote links with the click of a button? Perhaps town settings? Flea Market or Item Shop? Donations, Random Teleports, Server info, Baltop, and Settings toggles, all in one place. This is the quick menu!
Note, the quick menu can also be accessed by running /qm!


The Profile System

Want to show of who's behind the screen? Perhaps you'd like to roleplay as a character you like? We've got you covered.

With the profile system, you can set your Name, Pronouns, Location, and Bio. To setup your own profile, run
/profile setup!
You can also use these commands to setup specific attributes!
/profile name
/profile pronouns
/profile location
/profile bio

Also, click someone's name in chat to see their profile, or do /profile <username>

Another thing I will add is that these profiles will be used in other gamemodes in the future, to sync your stats like minigame wins, awards, etc!


Awards and Stats

These features aren't quite in yet, but Awards and Statistics are soon to be implemented into the server! You can gain specific awards by doing specific things in the server. Find a bug? Bug hunter Award. Reported someone breaking the rules? Keeping the server clean!

Eventually, you'll be able to display one of your Awards on your profile. Also, for those of you who were there on launch day, you'll be getting a special Award for that :)

Stats are basically like minecraft stats, but for things minecraft doesn't count, like the amount of Piñatas you've killed, or the amount of Town Blocks Claimed, etc. Soon you'll be able to see these in your quick menu as well.

On the subject of Piñatas...

We've released a new vote party reward! When you the vote party threshold is reached, a Piñata will spawn at /warp pinata. Piñatas will drop items like diamonds, emeralds, and money!

Be there when they spawn or be circle... (get it, cause we're all squares in minecraft? i'll show myself out...)


Info Board

We now have an info board on the right side of your screen in the game. Protip, to make it smaller, set your GUI scale to 1 (my preference), or if you don't like it, just toggle it in the quick menu!


Item Shop

We now have an item shop that sells and buys certain items that you might need. In the shop, you can buy and sell any amount 1-64 or as many as you have! This is accessible from the quick menu as well.



Want to make money from things you already do ingame (Building, Mining, Enchanting, Crafting, etc)? Join a job and get rewarded automagically for doing what you do best! You can join a job by using the jobs menu from the quick menu, or by using /job



Punishing players isn't something we enjoy. However, if a player does something that warrants it (slurs, griefing, etc), it's a must. This being said, we want to be totally transparent on the punishments we give. We've introduced a Punishments list where you can see every punishment given on our website.

See Here: CoveMC Punishments List


Want to be rewarded for inviting friends to the server? Have them run /ref <yourname> when they join, and they'll get $250, you'll get $1000.


I'd like to take a moment to personally thank our donors thus far. It means a lot that you'd donate to keep the experience alive for yourself and others for the coming months :)

Anya_Diane (x2)
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You guys rock and we're lucky to have you :)
If you'd like to donate for a rank yourself, we'd really appreciate it, but it's never necessary. /buy is the command.

Our beautiful playerbase

I'd like to thank everyone for allowing us the opportunity to sponsor such a vibrant community. It warms our hearts that so many players come out and enjoy the experience and have fun with each other. We wouldn't be here without you. Yes, I'm talking about you

In Conclusion

Anyways, thanks for coming to see what we've been working on this week! Tune in next monday for Content Patch #3 :) I will say that while coding some of these things I have introduced several easter eggs into the server. Look at your own risk :)

And remember,
It's always sunny in the Cove 😎

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