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TheCoveMC Content Patch 5

Resource World, New Menus, more to come.

New Mayor Marker

Last week, we introduced Icons for Towns (house icon), Staff (shield icon), and this week we have introduced the Mayor Icon (Town icon but with a Red 'M')


The mayor icon

Item Shop Changes, the Marketplace

We've introduced an updated shop to the game and renamed it "Marketplace". There is no option to sell items as we want the economy to be largely player based, meaning that players should control the economy by selling to other players and trading.

Here you can see the Marketplace

New RTP Menu

I've put into place a new menu to replace the old entry for Random Teleport in the Quick menu. There are two options, showing the two worlds we have available: The SMP World, and the Brand Spankin' new Resource World!


Brand Spankin' New Resource World

Due to our Custom World Generation not having Certain default Minecraft structures such as sunken treasure ships, etc, we've made a Resource World available to everyone!

NOTE: Towns are not allowed in the Resource world, and it is not a good idea to build in it, as it will Reset every once in a while. It is strictly for gathering resources.

This being said, please try to keep the SMP world looking beautiful :)


An island on the new Resource World

New Rank Seperation

Before this week, you could only have one Rank shown. Now, we've set it to where you can see the donor rank or staff rank first, and then the /rankup rank.

Example, Twink_le_ has the FIRSTMATE Donor rank and Nomad as rankup rank.
Another Example, I have SysAdmin and Nomad rankup rank.

We did this so you could have a donor rank on the server, and still have some sort of rank goal to work for! This should have been done long ago and was something that was definitely overlooked on our part.


pictured here is the rank seperation

Work Continues

Yes indeed, work continues on our secret project, and the not so secret project codenamed "KOTI" for "King Of The Island".

There's not much to see as it's all still alpha island world generation at the current stage, but I'm this close to getting roads to render on the island.


I'd like to take a moment to personally thank our donors thus far. It means a lot that you'd donate to keep the experience alive for yourself and others for the coming months :)

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You guys rock and we're lucky to have you :)
If you'd like to donate for a rank yourself, we'd really appreciate it, but it's never necessary. /buy is the command.


As always, thank you all so much for hanging out with us. It truly is a blast and a pleasure. Check back next week for your Weekly Dose of Development :) Team

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