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This post was supposed to come out 2 days ago, but I got kinda busy and wasn't able to post. My apologies :)

New Emotes

This week, we introduced new emotes to the server. This is paired with the resource pack that loads when you join the server. There are over 2,200 emotes on the server and they are mostly minecraft emotes. A full list will be published soon, but in the meantime, here's some to toy around with!

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Admin shop rework

This week we had a lot of abuse in the admin shop from people making massive farms and making profit way too fast for how our economy was imagined. For the time being, the sell shop has been disabled. We're going to look at ways to make the admin shop fair and balanced, but right now selling to the admin shop is disabled.

Jobs buff

We've buffed jobs by 30%. This should make jobs a sustainable way to earn money in the game while just playing the game and having fun.

New Server rules

We don't like putting in harsh rules about what you can and can not do; we want players have fun and do what they want. This being said, we still need some base rules to cover our bases.

You can view the new rules ingame through the quick menu, or by doing /rules.

Happy Pride month!

In honor of pride month, we have introduced a pride filter in chat! Just type 'pride' in, and it'll turn your message rainbow!

The Cove is inclusive and welcomes everyone, as we all should. We're allies and will always be. šŸ³ļøā€šŸŒˆ :)

New Rank up menu

A lot of things we heard about the rankup system when it was first introduced was the lack of permissions, and knowing what ranks gave which permissions. Because of these concerns, we introduced a rankups menu.

It is accessible ingame via the quick menu, or through /ranks


New notice board progress

We're introducing a new system sometime this week called 'notice board'. The notice board will be kind of like a classified ads list for the server. Do you make potions? Perhaps you are a great builder? Post it on the notice board.

The notice board will be accessible globally through the quick menu, and will have some functionality in towns with the placeable noticeboard.

I've just modeled this recently. How does it look :)


I meant to introduce a system for buying/earning cosmetics this week, but didn't have time. There are pets, particles, gadgets, mounts, music dj's, and a whole lot more. They are super nice looking in game and handle well with our server :)

I would like to show them off, however.

Profile system updates

I've added Social Icons to the profile system. The profile system is still undergoing performance work, as it's still not performing the way that I'd like it to, but social media is now incorporated and live :)


Buffed Vote Party Crates

When a vote party happens, you'll get a crate, and that crate will have a guaranteed $500, as well as another small chance to get $500. Happy voting!


What's this? A new minecraft update? Huzzah!

What does this mean for The Cove? We will update our servers to support 1.17 as soon as a new spigot build is released for 1.17 that's stable. Hopefully this will only take a week or two, but we are not sure. I know that they release pretty fast after an update, but we'll keep you guys updated.


I'd like to take a moment to personally thank our donors thus far. It means a lot that you'd donate to keep the experience alive for yourself and others for the coming months :)

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You guys rock and we're lucky to have you :)
If you'd like to donate for a rank yourself, we'd really appreciate it, but it's never necessary. /buy is the command.


We have a lot of new features and gamemodes coming down the pipeline. We're listening to your suggestions, and taking them on. I'm here to tell you that the future is bright and the future is The Cove!

Thanks for reading, and tune in next monday for Content Patch #4!

And remember,
It's always sunny in The Cove šŸ˜Ž

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