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re: You might be surprised then to find that many fresh engineering grads are no mpre qualified than these people. Bottom line is that you won't learn ...

A lot of the university programs are also very questionable lately. I was appalled to see what a Computer Science degree constitutes in some universities these days. The bar has been lowered at so many schools and one of the reasons is that people are looking at other types of education (online courses, coursera/udacity, 1:1 training, boot camps, etc.).

I agree that you learn a lot on the job. However, that only works when you can get hired at a job like that. I'm seeing a lot of boot camp attendees struggle at their jobs. The fact that they got a job in the first place was quite astonishing in some cases.

After reading most of your comments on this thread I’m rather mortified as a current bootcamp student. A lot of what you say has a lot of validity and I know I’ve got a gigantic mountain in front of me. If nothing else however, it’s been a big nudge to push my self more than ever

Sorry that it made you feel like that. On the bright side, there's a community here ready to help. If you need anything, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Thank you for your response. I definitely have the drive but living in Seattle, the job market is extremely competitive, and I always fear I’ll be lost in a sea of more qualified candidates!

The Seattle area is tough indeed! However, there's still a lot of demand.

You can also look into remote jobs off LinkedIn, StackOverflow, and other sites.

I live in Redmond. Where are you at? I'm thinking we should start a DEV meetup here. ;)

Good advice!

Oh cool, I’m from sammamish but live in Mukilteo now. I’d absolutely go to a DEV meetup!

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