Explain RPC like I'm Five

I'm having a little trouble understanding RPC, especially compared to say Rest API's or using protobufs to send and receive data, so please explain RPC like I'm Five?

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RPC == Remote Procedure Call


A function or method that does something meaningful and worth the efforts. Has knowledge about your business logic.

Procedure Call:

The action of invoking a function/method to execute the logic contained within


Not in close proximity.

Remote Procedure Call:

Invoking a function/method that is not in proximity to the caller.

Proximity in Context of code:

--------------ENV 1----------------
Method A
Method B
--------------ENV 1----------------

-------------------ENV 2----------------
Method C
Method D
-------------------ENV 2----------------

Between ENV 1 and ENV 2,

  • methods A & B are in proximity i.e. within the same execution environment
  • methods C & D are in proximity i.e. within the same execution environment
  • methods C & D are remote to methods A & B, and vice-versa

The execution environments are capable of communication among themselves via a given medium, which can be

  • Inter-process communication
  • Over the wire (HTTP)
  • a few more

Any invocation methods A & B within ENV 2, and any invocation methods C & D within ENV 1, is to be referred to as RPC.

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