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Ryan Furrer
Ryan Furrer

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Weekly Goals: Week of 8/18/19

Happy Monday and welcome to another weekly roundup! This is my weekly thread on what I did or didn't do last week, what happened, and what my goals are for this new week. Let's get started!

Last Week’s Goals

  • Finish portfolio site redesign
  • Write blog about portfolio site redesign ☑
  • Video call with mentor ☑
  • Continue working on Wes Bos' JS 30 ☑
  • Get started on new project

What Happened?

I had less time than I anticipated to complete my portfolio redesign this weekend. I still have to complete the following items:

  • Add dark theme toggle to website
    • I've already designed the dark theme, added the CSS Variables, and created the classes necessary. I just need to implement the JS.
  • Increase whitespace between items on page.
    • Ensure all padding/margins are consistent

Firstly, because I did not complete my website, I wasn't able to get started on my new projects. I don't think this will affect me in the long run but it would've been nice to wrap up a project at the end of the week.

Secondly, I had a slight change in the design of my site - just the colors and profile picture. I had debated for a while to stick with the profile picture or not but in the end I decided to create and use my logo. In using the logo I had to change the header colors.

Homepage of with new logo

Just wait until you see the dark mode 👀

Moving Forward

  • Add JS to portfolio site for Dark Theme
  • Increase the white space between elements by increasing margin & padding
    • Ensure padding/margins are consistent throughout site.
  • Do more work on resume
  • Design rough draft(s) of new project(s) will look like
    • I have not decided what to work on first but I've a few options: doMore (to-do list), a website for my favorite local brewery, DUBCO, or a website for my father's business.
  • Continue learning JS and React

Another full week is on tap here but that's okay! I do feel like I need a day off, however, I might push through until Classic WoW releases next week - is anyone planning on playing? I'll be on the Stalagg server!

As usual, feel free to comment down below or you can always reach out to me on Twitter.

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codemouse92 profile image
Jason C. McDonald

Hey, we're trying to start a #devjournal tag for exactly this sort of post. Would you be willing to add it to this and all past and future Weekly Goals posts? (If you need to free up a tag, be advised that this isn't precisely a match for #beginners.)

theryanfurrer profile image
Ryan Furrer Author

For sure, I'm happy to do so.

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