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The hate of Perl in Memes

We find plenty of jokes against Perl, all around the web. It's often trendy to denigrate Perl.

Check out for instance the hate for Perl is real

It makes me laugh so I gathered some "Perl internet memes" below 😄

EDIT: I just noticed this buddy post, I share you the link ! 😃

Pure hate 💩

The people behind these memes seems really hating Perl 😀

Really, using Perl deserves to receive a giant slap !

Or the only problem with Perl is Perl (or something like this) :
Dont use

Or outdated:
1995 Perl

Or muddy:
Deep dive


Perl is difficult

Only "baby-perl" is for newcomers, "Perl" is for real men 😀 :

Bad time

Fun about syntax :
Sigil Button

Having 2 problems is better than having only 1 problem :
2 Problems

Perl is crazy

A very famous meme is about paint splatters validity as a Perl code (ultra flexybility of Perl sparser):
Valid splatters

Or a meme based on infinite monkey theorem:
Random monkeys typing Perl

And there is a derived sentence similar:

Given enough time, a monkey typing at random would, as part of its output, almost surely produce one of Shakespeare's plays. All other outputs are Perl programs.

Perl is also seen as cursed ! (note the number of votes)

Or even it invokes Cthulhu 😄
Demon again

Perl is unreadable

If it is written on a cover of a book, it's obviously true :
Oh Really

It's a mental disorder (I confirm 😄 !) :

Get the job done but at what cost ?

Or Perl is only symbols:
Perl punctuation

Please keep our little secret 🙊

My contribution

I added mine, for posterity :


Still use

And finally, don't hear other people and do what you want 😄

Still use

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🌌 Sébastien Feugère ☔

Only laught at the last one 😬