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Apurba Sundar Nayak
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"The only Superpower I have."

What we are ? What the definition as a human we have ? Why we are here and always grinding ourselves ? Many of us have surely encountered one or more among these questions. I am no-one but surely become someone the other day and will be become the only one, one day. Let's target all such questions one by one ?
Human as are we, have enormous potential to do each and everything that is possible in this universe. Today's human society is developing like nothing as well as the technology and scientific R & D. Somewhere between the society we are identified as programmers or computer science or system learners. But main thing is why all of this ? We are living our life like a doll which is sitting for a purpose only. We are not enjoying what we do or what we want to do. We are learning things for exams, interviews, placements, jobs etc but not even focussing how and why things happen for sure. One who does might face some difficulties that are mentioned below.
Can we say programming, "a open book examination" where you can assure that you can't write the proceedings or debug the errors without googling. Although everything comes hand in hand, even though we are unable to find out the required logic to the problem statement. Then of course we think that surely I am not for coding anyways. I am for some other things. But wait my friend, don't stop persevere, maintain consistency and believe in youself. Each and every one of us have surely faced all these things in their lifetime. So the only thing you have to remember, which also I have inculcated in my mind that,

_**"Altough I am not able to solve this problem right now, but I have a superpower and I feel like a super-human at these situations where I have one power that I can't stop trying out."**_
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    Just say this to yourself and chill back and go and code again. Always remember, Slow and Steady wins the race..
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