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What's new in Angular 10

Angular 10 is out. Knowing all the newest features of a tool can be very important. So let's break down what's new in Angular 10:

  1. A big fat nothing
  2. See #1

Yeah, honestly, there's really nothing new. Ok, there are a couple of tiny changes: Angular Material has a new date picker, and there's some minor changes to things you almost for sure don't use.

So does this mean that it's a problem? Disappointing?

Nope. Why? Because first of all, upgrading to 10 will be super easy.

Also, this matches their release cadence. A new major version every 6 months, regardless of how many features make it in. It's different than other projects run, but it's predictable.

It also really matters as people look at Angular as a true enterprise framework. Enterprises need stability. Small, incremental, easy-to-update changes are good for an enterprise. The last 2 versions of Angular have been pretty darn simple on the updates. That helps you keep your project from getting stuck on a specific version because upgrading is just too much work.

So here's a tip: how to update Angular to the latest version with great ease and simplicity:

ng update @angular/cli @angular/core

You can see the docs for that command here.

And generally, that's it. Updating support is a pretty nice feature of Angular.

Happy Coding!

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