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Free VueJS Training during JavaScript Marathon hosted by This Dot Labs

What do you call a Vue enthusiast? A "Vue-thusiast"? An "En-Vue-siast"?

Whatever you call yourself, we're here to help you learn this April!

In celebration of our new remote, corporate training offerings, we invite you to enjoy six weeks of free, live VueJS tutorials!

Learning Vue is just one of the five weekly sessions we're hosting on topics, including Angular, React, RxJS, and Web Performance!

A full schedule of free courses is available at

"Vue" all the free training sessions below and sign up for one today.


In this Vue.js training, you will learn how to create a sample blog application from the ground up. This training includes how to set up a project with the Vue CLI, a basic understanding of the framework structure, understanding async data loading, mixins and much more.

State management is an extremely important feature of web applications. In this training, we are going to walk through VueX. Topic covered will include: Installation, basic usage, best practices, modules and much more.

Progressive web apps have recently become an industry standard, and in this training, we are going to learn all the steps necessary to add this feature to a Vue application. The session will cover topics such as installation, offline support, push notification, caching offerings, and more.

TDD (Test driven development), is every developer’s dream. This training will teach you how to do testing right in Vue.js with the help of vue-test-util and jest. We will also cover a variety of test scenarios to support you in improving your testing knowledge.

Cloud infrastructure can be scary, but AWS makes this task so much easier. In this training, we are going to walk you through how to set up your Vue.js application on AWS with Amplify. This session will cover topics such as registration, cost control, application setup, CI and much more.

Let’s face it - our code is never perfect! There are times when debugging is necessary, and debugging a Vue.js application has never been easier. This session is going to show you how to debug your code using Vue Devtools and Visual Studio Code. Topics include Components analysis, data modification, handling events and code breakpoints.

You can RSVP to attend any of these amazing events, hosted by talented team members at This Dot Labs, by clicking on the hyperlinks above! If you have any questions, or want to learn more about the JavaScript Marathon series, visit, or email us at

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