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This Dot's "A Complete Guide to VueJS" is now available for free download!

Today, This Dot Labs is announcing the release of [A Complete Guide to VueJS] written by one of our in-house experts, Bilal Haidar.

The book is a comprehensive resource on the internal structures, complementary frameworks, components, and integrations needed to make Vue work for you!

Readers can look forward to exploring the tools needed to get their first Vue application up and running, from code editors to installing the Vue CLI.

The book then walks through the anatomy an application, introducing force-multiplying technologies supported by Vue, including ESLint, Prettier, source code repository management systems, Git, CSS frameworks, Axios, and more.

There is even a complete section, introducing readers to the yet unreleased Vue 3 update!

At about 80 pages, this quick guide packs in a ton of additional free resources that readers can explore to gain even more insight into this powerful framework.

Download your free copy of [A Complete Guide to VueJS], and be sure to join This Dot Labs and JavaScript Marathon on Wednesday, 4/22 at 3:30PM EDT for a live Vue training, where we will dive into unit testing!

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Emmy | Pixi

Is this still available? The links look like they might be busted?