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Twilio Hackathon: Karet (CX and sales automation, management Platform)

The Project - Karet (CX and sales Platform)

My Twilio hackathon project idea is a simple platform that hosts Twilio autopilot bot code and a web based application interface that helps businesses create, automate and manage CX & sales on messaging platforms using Twilio Autopilot/SMS/Chat API.

It hosts a minimal set of customer support and sales tools that helps small businesses to turn customer support and experience into revenue centers thanks to automation, instant response time, CSAT surveys, generic product search and information listing, payments and appointment scheduling. Because of it's generic API nature it can be used for E-commerce too.

Why this?

Businesses want to get closer to their users everyday in a way that they seek to show empathy, understanding and concern so to satisfy and communicate with the customer helping the customer become a happy one. Customer feedback, buying behavior and satisfaction data should be easy to reach, collect and used to make marketing easier for businesses.

There are about 1.5 Billion people using whatsapp everyday, another billion on facebook and a lot more on other messaging platforms making these a prospective marketplace for businesses that want to innovate customer experience and services. Businesses are realizing that Customers are noticing the ease of booking a flight ticket, ordering pizza, or just getting more information about a product through an instant conversation on their favorite messaging apps. Businesses also need to get information from their customers to between support them making it a win situation for both parties.

The Service Mainly has 3 core layers:

------ Bot ------- (Twilio Autopilot)

------ Serverless API ---- (Google Cloud Functions / Firestore / Node js)

------ Web application ---- (Next.js)

Web Application:

this is the dashboard for the business to gain access to and create, manage/automate custom tags for the nature of business, customer response data, statistics and analysis, decision-making actions and etc. Businesses can monitor these data gotten from chats data in webpages and instant messaging platforms.

Serverless API:

this facilitates the activities of the web application by providing apis for it and bridges the connection between the autopilot api and the web service.

Autopilot API:

Twilio autopilot api has natural language processing and events triggering with makes it a perfect tool for CX and support.

I choose these tools because I most familiar with the Javascript/serverless ecosystem.


I hope to start developement today with frequent updates as to the capabilities of the service and the current project progress report so you can please follow this post for the updates! Thank you for reading happy coding!

Rough Todo list:
  • Authenticate users
  • Create project landing page
  • Define/Structure API for easy integration with external apis
  • Implement Business Information Page
  • Allow users to add products picture, title, information, custom tags (price,time,type)
  • Enable orders, order listing/statistics and push notifications
  • Implement payments api
  • Implement Bot responses for product listing by custom tags and title search,
  • Location data and products data parsing.
  • Custom messages / auto Timed messages.

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Lizzie Siegle

Love this idea, very useful! If you need some Twilio Autopilot resources, here are some blog posts: