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Is Golang used for enterprise software development?


Yes it is. Many of the large corporations are using Go. Switching to Go is a trend now. Some examples of how big corporations use Golang:

  • Netflix
  • Uber
  • Adobe

Big companies process a lot of data and Go is very good with data. It can reduce server load time (Cost) and is great for microservices.

If you can save 80%-90% of the infrastructure costs of running NodeJS with Go, why would you stick with NodeJS?

But enterprises often move slow, so a lot is in Java and will stay in Java for the coming time (why change what works?)

For large enterprises where costs to support millions of users get up into the millions of dollars, why wouldn't you take the money and use Go?

At this point the Go ecosystem is not as large as the one of Java and is thus not suited for every purpose (yet). But over time there will be more software written in Go.

One of the things is that there are many Java programmers, but Go is the new kid on the block and developers need to learn Go.

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