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What is golang good for?


golang is a general-purpose programming language. Which means you could do almost anything in golang.

It can be used in different areas. Go is often used for:

  • Concurrent systems: Go has built-in support for concurrency paradigms
  • Networking: built-in concurrency support and powerful standard library
  • System apps

Go can offer you stability, concurrency, and performance

In fact, Tobias Lütke from Spotify said “Go will be the server language of the future.”

Why Go?

You can use Go in your chat system, your webserver, your JSON API, your web site and many other things. As you don’t need hard real-time capabilities, it can be used.

It's syntax is similar to that of C or C++. That's why it may look familiar to you.

Go comes with lots of perks:

  • Go is really easy to install on your machine.
  • Creating projects in Go is very simple.
  • Go provides efficient compilation
  • Easy and understandable control- flow and functions provides aid while building an application. Control-flow statements are
  • Golang attempts to reclaim the memory occupied by objects that are no longer in use by the program, making it a very memory efficient language. (looking at you C)
  • Multiple programs can run simultaneously on it
  • Golang also provides users with many utilities
  • Go provides a light-weight interface to connect with the database. In go you use database/SQL package to use SQL or SQL-like database
  • Go is a cloud based language, easily deploy your application on cloud-servers.

It has these features:

  • Compiled
  • Concurrent
  • Statically-typed
  • Garbage-collected
  • Efficient
  • Scalable
  • Readable
  • Fast
  • Open-source

More about Golang:

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