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Real World Python 🐍: Introduction


There is a gap in the python material available online. While a lot of tutorials are available for absolute beginners, there is a distinct lack of content for those who are looking to take the next step.

Nature abhors a vacuum. So, here I am to fill the void. In this series we will cover all the stuff that goes into making a real world python project.

Intended Audience

Python beginners who have knowledge of the fundamentals of programming and are looking to start with their first real project. I will assume that the reader already knows topics such as conditional statements, loops, functions etc. My focus will be more on the structure and the "flow" of a project rather than the logic.

What we will build

A web scraper which grabs quotes from and stores them locally or to a remote database.

GitHub logo tintindas / quotes-scraper

Scrape quotes based on author (or search term) from Goodreads.


These are the planned topics for the series.

  1. Environment Setup - pyenv
  2. Project Setup
  3. Directory Structure

Some Notes

  • This is my way of doing things which is just one way out of many. There are no hard and fast rules. Most of the steps in this series are optional, but highly recommended.
  • The series is mostly geared towards Mac/Linux systems. Though it should all work on WSL too.

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